The New South African Consumer

The South African retail sector is the largest on the African continent and has been a key driver of the South African economy since the global financial crisis in 2008. Rising income levels and a growing middle class have helped position the retail sector as one of the strongest contributors to the African economy. However, […]

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Africa’s CFOs share their opinion: 2014 Africa CFO Survey

With Africa playing a greater role in the global economy, this year’s Africa CFO survey has analysed the responses of senior African finance executives and compared them to their global counterparts. Looking back, last year’s survey has enabled us to find out the current state, and future aspirations, of finance functions. This also shed some […]

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e-Book: Sub-Saharan Africa Power Outlook

The 2nd edition of the Sub-Saharan Africa Power Outlook is out! Behind this e-book is our Infrastructure and Major Projects Group. The edition covers the high growth of Sub-Saharan countries and the current developments in the power sector. Sub-Saharan Africa is seen as a new frontier of growth and the economic growth rates have shown […]

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Long-term opportunities for the African Chemical Industry

The opportunities that lie in Africa cannot be overlooked.  With nearly one-fifth of the world’s population, Africa is too big to be ignored. Now more than ever, the economic potential for the African chemical industry is clear. Opportunities in the African chemical industry are centred around three factors: high growth, major oil and gas reserves, [...]

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Water Scarcity

Water scarcity has become one of the most pertinent risks threatening societal and economic development globally. The relative scarcity of water, concerns over water quality and the potential impact of climate change, all create a relatively uncertain environment. Water scarcity is already a global reality with more than 800 million lacking access to clean drinking [...]

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Africa’s leading stock exchanges are open for trading

Despite growing interest and investment in Africa, the lack of complete and good quality information about the African stock markets is contributing to a continued hesitancy by international public companies to list on Africa’s stock exchanges and for foreign investors to invest in domestic companies listed on African stock exchanges. KPMG’s “Listing in Africa” report, [...]

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De-Encrypting: POPI

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) has significant relevance to the insurance industry and must be considered in conjunction with current applicable legislation. Its main purpose is to provide all industry players (from the larger insurance companies to the smaller intermediaries) with specific requirements on how personal information must be lawfully processed and protected. [...]

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Procurement Success Factors

“Leaders must understand – the corporate strategy aligns with the procurement strategy.” So says a Contract Manufacturer who participated in the Futurebuy: The Future of Procurement survey. By 2025, the transformation of the supply management profession may shift to a point where it enjoys the same recognition as a business partner, alongside HR, IT, and [...]

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