Modern Forensic Practice Series

The 1990’s saw the establishment of Forensics in South Africa when the big accounting firms established dedicated forensic investigation practices. In these early stages of the discipline, businesses focused narrowly on investigative tasks such as fraud and financial statement irregularities. Times have changed and over the last 20 years the forensic business has had to […]

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Bread, Milk and… Insurance?

Is white labelling the future of insurance? In recent years insurance products have been sold alongside butter, detergent and clothing in most of our large retail stores and supermarkets. These are mostly small value general or life policies, such as cellphone insurance and funeral policies. Credit retailers began to offer insurance in 2000, focusing initially […]

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Integration is imperative

The delivery of human and social services has evolved significantly over the last decade as governments across the globe seek new and innovative ways to achieve better outcomes for clients while managing increased caseloads with reduced resources as a result of fiscal pressures. Increasingly, governments are looking to integrate service delivery through innovative case practice […]

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KPMG Launches General Counsel report

Following on the 2012 survey Beyond the Law, KPMG Forensic conducted a global study of how General Counsel are turning risk to advantage. This resulted in this year’s report titled Over the horizon: How corporate counsel are crossing frontiers to address new challenges. The report drills into some of the findings of the previous study and […]

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Inter-governmental Integration: Key challenges

There is growing interest in realising system-wide savings, efficiencies, and better outcomes through improved coordination between different levels of government. Joint commissioning and case management, systems interoperability, integrated online access, and harmonised reporting requirements stand out as the most promising reforms. Yet despite the many steps being taken, the challenges involved in inter-governmental integration make […]

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Inter-governmental Integration – key challenges and lessons

Inter-governmental integration efforts are more likely to succeed if they are led by a higher order government, usually at the national level. The integration schemes surveyed in our annual integration imperative report show it is much easier for national governments to coordinate the resources and buy-in required than efforts driven by lower levels of government. Bringing […]

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Five key trends in global service integration

Services integration is not a new concept. However, we are now entering an exciting period of innovation characterised by schemes founded upon emerging technologies, new funding models, and a more dynamic relationship between governments, citizens, and service providers from the private and not-for-profit sectors. While a number of studies have drawn lessons from past integration […]

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The increase in environmental consciousness opens investment opportunities

Resource insecurities are changing the nature of investment opportunities and demand for risk protection. At the same time, consumers are increasingly incorporating sustainability into purchasing decisions, therefore socially responsible behaviour is becoming increasingly important on the investment management agenda. Growth in socially responsible behaviour According to the “Investing in the future” report, there has been […]

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