#EbolaDialogue: Business response to the Ebola outbreak

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that Ebola cases could reach the levels of 550 000 – 1.4 million by January 2015 if no additional interventions are made. The consequences will affect the global community, with Africa taking the biggest punch. Africa at risk The World Health Organisation (WHO) warns that about fifteen (15) African […]

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Profile of a fraudster

Fraud specialists have long debated whether it is possible to develop a profile of a fraudster that is accurate enough to enable organisations to catch people in the act of fraud or even beforehand. The prediction of a crime before it occurs is, at least for now, the subject of science fiction. But an analysis […]

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Anti-Corruption summit: B20 recommendations to G20

#KPMGForensic is a proud lead sponsor of the annual anti-corruption summit taking place today, until the 20th of November. On the agenda – among other critical issues, is the B20 recommendations to the G20. The international business community asks policymakers to focus on structural reforms that will remove barriers and impediments to growth. In order […]

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Water: Regional Institutional Realignment

The overall trusteeship of the water value chain is with the Minister of Water Affairs. The Department of Water Affairs (DWA) sets policy, regulate, and provide support to water management and water services institutions. The development, financing, management, operation and maintenance of regional bulk water and wastewater services will be strengthened through the consolidation of […]

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Lean Finance: Foundation for success

Across the globe, the finance teams that provide the most value are those who offer high-quality analysis and advice that contribute to better performance. Of course, finance teams cannot expect to boost their value overnight. Effective business support needs to spring from a strong foundation, and so finance functions need to get the basics right. […]

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Data and analytics within the insurance industry

In recent years, there has been an increasing requirement for data analysis, necessitated so that organisations can be better prepared to avoid risks, uncover opportunities, identify customer trends and indicate product development possibilities. This is not a new concept for insurers, with data sets periodically analysed to understand and evaluate risks. What has changed, however, […]

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Water Resource Equitable Allocation

South Africa is a semi-arid, water stressed country, with an average rainfall of about 450mm, which is well below the world average of about 860mm per year. Water availability across the country is faced with three major challenges: Uneven spatial distribution and seasonality of rainfall (43% of the rain falls on 13% of the land) […]

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State Of Logistics survey explores trends in SA Supply Chains

KPMG has contributed to the 10th State of Logistics Survey , highlighting the trends in South African supply chains for the last decade and its future outlook. South Africans has over the past decade functioned in some of the toughest environments to date. Researched projects recently conducted by KPMG analyse a number of supply chain […]

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