Early Involvement of Procurement is Vital for Product Development

The sustainability of a project or its projected success rely heavily on the involvement of competent and switched-on procurement officers from inception. Considering the tender process in South Africa, it is even more important that procurement has a sound understanding of what is needed from potential suppliers and are able to give accurate and useful […]

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KPMG launches its Global Pulse Survey

Johannesburg 16 April 2014: KPMG’s shared services and outsourcing advisory division today launched the findings of its 2014 Pulse Survey Pulse surveys focus on obtaining and deciphering current key market conditions, as well as the characteristics of how end-user organisations are using global business services (GBS), as well as  how they plan to use them […]

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Why the bank leverage ratio is important – Regulation 38

KPMG has argued that a ‘Basel 4’ may already be emerging, even before Basel 3 is fully implemented. Key elements of this were explored in our previous blog post about the ‘Evolving banking regulation’. Leverage is an inherent and essential part of modern banking systems. Banks have a range of financial incentives to operate with […]

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Guidance on external audits of banks issued by the Basel Committee

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has published supervisory guidance on External audits of banks. The document enhances and supersedes the previous Committee guidance published in 2002 on The relationship between banking supervisors and banks’ external auditors and in 2008 on External audit quality and banking supervision. The evolution of bank practices, the introduction of new […]

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Bitcoin – the possible currency of the future?

The recent demise of MtGox, previously the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, following reports that it may have lost 750 000 bitcoins due to cyber theft brought bitcoins firmly into the spotlight.  Bitcoin, launched five years ago, is virtual currency typically traded on a bitcoin exchange. As the Rand has depreciated against major world currencies in […]

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Cross-border investigations: Are you prepared for the challenge?

Cross-border investigations can spread quite rapidly and businesses need to have a global mindset and understand cultural differences in order to best deal with all complexities. Petrus Marais, KPMG’s Global Head of Forensics shares tips on how businesses can prepare for this challenge. Cross border investigations are rising. Download the report for more information. Subscribe […]

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The big BRIC automotive export push is not extending to mature nations

The enormous potential within the emerging nations is reflected in the high proportion of companies planning to either begin or increase their investment in these markets, with China the number one target, followed by India, and Brazil and Russia in equal third place. BRIC automotive companies are also demonstrating their ambitious international expansion plans, and […]

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Regulation 28 – are you covered?

Many pension funds are finding it difficult to stay abreast of  the reporting requirements imposed by Regulation 28. This is particularly due to: Inability to source the required information as the level of detail required by the Financial Services Board (FSB) for reporting is not always readily available from asset managers.  This is caused by  […]

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