De-Encrypting: POPI

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) has significant relevance to the insurance industry and must be considered in conjunction with current applicable legislation. Its main purpose is to provide all industry players (from the larger insurance companies to the smaller intermediaries) with specific requirements on how personal information must be lawfully processed and protected. […]

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Procurement Success Factors

“Leaders must understand – the corporate strategy aligns with the procurement strategy.” So says a Contract Manufacturer who participated in the Futurebuy: The Future of Procurement survey. By 2025, the transformation of the supply management profession may shift to a point where it enjoys the same recognition as a business partner, alongside HR, IT, and […]

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A world increasingly driven by D&A

Over the past five years, the focus on big data has started to shift: today the issue is no longer about owning the most data but rather about how to gain the most insight from that data and – in turn – how to convert those insights into real business advantage. KPMG Conducted a survey […]

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The Future of Procurement: Forecast 2025

The face of procurement is changing exponentially. The role is stepping out of the shadows and coming to the fore as a vital element in the business strategy of any corporation. However, complexities still exist and organisations that are capable of managing these difficulties and survive, characterise the FUTUREBUY organization. These organisations embrace the increasing […]

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New schools build better results: Higher education challenges

Infrastructure development for higher education remains high on the agenda for the government. This is undertaken through SIP 14, which is central to the continued development of South Africa’s higher education sector and focuses on the building of lecture rooms, student accommodation, libraries and laboratories, as well as the provision of ICT connectivity.

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New Schools Build Better Results

It is through the Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs), in particular SIP 13, that new school construction projects, school rehabilitation and school upgrades have been placed under the centralised management of the DBE, which will implement the national school build programme under the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Committee (PICC). SIP 13 forms part of a much larger [...]

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The National Credit Amendment Act – NCA

On the 19 May 2014 the National Credit Amendment Act (“the Amendment Act”) was enacted. The Amendment Act recognises that, whilst the framework of the NCA and its underlying policy provided was sound, the application of the legislative provisions of the NCA often failed to ensure the best possible outcomes for consumers. The following amendments [...]

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World Class Global Mining Centres

KPMG member firms offer global connectivity through our 14 dedicated Mining Centres in key locations around the world. By working together seamlessly, we help member firm clients adapt and respond to a rapidly-evolving mining environment. Our centres are located in or near areas with high levels of mining activity: Beijing, Brisbane, Denver, Johannesburg, London, Melbourne, Moscow, [...]

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