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Mind the funding gap: Infrastructure Development Plan

With a significant projected funding gap, the National Infrastructure Development Plan projects will likely have to secure additional financing. In a report titled, “Mind the Gap”, senior KPMG economist Lullu Krugel estimates that the infrastructure spending gap will amount to more than R297-billion between 2013/14 and 2015/16. This is approximately 38% more than the planned […]

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How to implement a successful national infrastructure development plan

Having played a key consulting role in large-scale and national infrastructure development plans around the world, James Stewart, chairperson of KPMG’s Global Infrastructure Practice, says important factors for successful national infrastructure development plans include integration and implementation. Commenting on his role as chief executive of Infrastructure UK, where he led the delivery of the UK’s […]

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Unpacking the National Infrastructure Development Plan

The government adopted the National Development Plan as a blueprint for future economic and socio-economic development strategy for the country. The strategic perspectives of the National Development Plan offer a long-term vision for the country until 2030, and aim to ensure that all South Africans attain a decent standard of living through the elimination of poverty […]

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South Africa’s Top Infrastructure Priorities

  Twenty years into democracy, South Africa remains racked by poverty, unemployment and inequality. To overcome these considerable challenges, government has made job creation a primary focus – a target of 5 million jobs by 2020. Accordingly, infrastructure development is being prioritised – through a centrally-driven, integrated 20-year planning framework – as a ‘jobs driver’ […]

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South African infrastructure

Infrastructure projects in South Africa to bolster employment and the economy

It can be said that one of the best ways to understand the importance of infrastructure is to sample life without it. In the developed world, occasional infrastructure failures offer a stark and sudden reminder that power, water, transportation and communications cannot be taken for granted. The South African National Development Plan (NDP) outlines a […]

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Increased infrastructure spend could combat unemployment

Infrastructure spending is considered to be one of the major catalysts of economic growth, development and economic activity. It can be regarded as a mechanism of generating employment opportunities for millions of unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers.

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Our Infrastructure Triumph

While many infrastructure players in the west may view the continent of Africa through a shroud of mystery, South Africa has long been a lightning rod of investment and activity that has drawn developers and investors from around the world. Throughout modern history, South Africa has – in many ways – outstripped Africa’s rate of development by leaps and bounds. Since the arrival of democracy in 1995, the country has enjoyed a veritable infrastructure renaissance that has only been picking up steam over the past decade.

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Infrastructure development and tax: a wish list for Budget 2012

In his State of the Nation address to Parliament on 9 February 2012, the State President made the statement that “the massive investment in infrastructure must leave more than just power stations, rail-lines, dams and roads. It must industrialise the country, generate skills and boost much-needed job creation …

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The past five years have brought great improvement in South Africa’s international connectivity and backhaul infrastructure development. This significant improvement for South Africa is only the beginning for Africa as a whole as it is lagging behind globally in terms of general connectivity (Access speeds and pricing) Roald Kvevli, associate director strategy and operations at […]

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TwitterView – Exploring Data and Visualisation

We hosted a TwitterView which saw us discuss in detail elements around data and visualisation. This is inline with the modern forensic practice series which entails Herman De Beer – Head of Forensic SA and Kajen Subramoney – Associate Director, sharing their insights on forensic matters.   TwitterView with Herman De Beer and Kajen Subramoney Q. […]

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