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As the local KPMG Head of Insurance I remain abreast of aspects that impact the industry. I have been involved in insurance audits and advisory projects for the last 19 years and I am the South African representative for the KPMG’s International’s Insurance topic team where we discuss and debate the IFRS implementation issues facing our clients. I have undertaken a number of compliance audits at insurers testing their adherence with the requirements of the Insurance Acts and related regulations. I am interested in hearing your opinions with regard to technical and business issues that you are faced with.

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The South African Insurance Industry Survey

In August 2012, KPMG in South Africa released the finding of the 2012 South Africa Insurance Industry Survey. This edition of the KPMG annual insurance survey celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of this publication and it is fair to say that both the publication and the South African insurance industry has undergone a metamorphosis when looking back at the last fifteen years.

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