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Will robot cars drive traffic congestion off?

Self-driving cars are expected to usher in a new era of mobility, safety and convenience. […]

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Automotive survey

New car sales face a tough year – KPMG

The downward trend in the new vehicle market would probably continue for longer than this […]

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Aerospace and Defence Organisations Looking for Untapped Growth Opportunities

While the mature Aerospace and Defence (A&D) markets continuing to stagnate, A&D organisations are under […]

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Mobility Economics: Everybody wants a car

Cars are among our most expensive possessions- our most conspicuous pieces of personal iconography, indicators […]

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KPMG insight: The next big thing – a look into the future

Today’s global mobility culture reflects a growing demand for new services from sophisticated customers. Communication […]

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The big BRIC automotive export push is not extending to mature nations

The enormous potential within the emerging nations is reflected in the high proportion of companies […]

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Transforming the dealership model: Car dealers expand their range of services and touch points with customers

Although the future shape of the dealer sector is still uncertain, almost half of the […]

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close up of car headlight

Markets and consumers: the bigger picture for the automotive industry

KPMG’s 2014 Global Automotive Executive Survey confirms that the rising economic power of the emerging […]

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car production line

Digitalisation and self-driving cars – the next revolution

As more and more software becomes embedded in vehicles, the self-driving car becomes a real […]

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South African infrastructure

The changing shape of mobility in tomorrow’s cities

Mobility solutions are becoming an increasingly viable alternative to car ownership, particularly in the more […]

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