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Winning Women: Celebrating diversity and driving equality

A consummate professional with a broad range of business and financial experience, Grathel Motau has a passion for people, and a fervent belief in equality. As a powerful woman leader and woman in business, Grathel shares insight on issues such as finding balance, and the importance of celebrating diversity.

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Winning Women: Go for happiness, go for greatness

There are many definitions of success, for many it is a journey decorated with accolades, for Tantaswa Fubu, our Executive Partner, it is about striving for happiness and greatness. Tantaswa joins the top female leaders we have been profiling in our Winning Women video series.

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Winning Women: Live to your full potential

August is a month in which all South Africans are called to celebrate and acknowledge the role of women in the growth and development of our country. In the same spirit we have created Winning Women; a video series, in which we profile and interview key women leaders from our business. In this episode, Tshidi Mokgabudi, Advisory Chairman at KPMG, shares her views on success, achieving balance and being a woman in South Africa. She is a strong and poised leader, determined to leave a legacy of developing young African women in the CA(SA) profession.

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Confident business people

Social Media gives women a voice at the World Economic Forum 2013

At the World Economic Forum earlier this year, Isabelle Allen, KPMG International’s Global Head of Sales and Markets, spoke about how social media gave women a voice at the Forum…

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Increased infrastructure spend could combat unemployment

Infrastructure spending is considered to be one of the major catalysts of economic growth, development and economic activity. It can be regarded as a mechanism of generating employment opportunities for millions of unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers.

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Winning Women: Defining your own measures of success

Women’s month is upon us, and as part of our commitment to gender equality and empowerment, we have created the Winning Women series. Over the next few weeks, we will be profiling women leaders from within our organisation. We started the month on a high note: at a gala event on 2 August 2013, KPMG was awarded The Honourary Award for companies that have maintained and gone over and above normal practice year-on-year in their gender empowerment activities.

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Winning Women: Never doubt your ability to change the world…

Friday 9th of August marks Women’s Day here in South Africa, and at KPMG we are celebrating the role of women in the development and growth of our country by profiling our women leaders. Winning Women is a video series allowing us to capture interviews and introduce you to some of our most prominent female figures from KPMG.

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The NDP: from a plan to action

KPMG Partner, Trevor Davies, leads the International Development Assistance Services Global Center of Excellence and works across KPMG’s global network of member firms to bring insight from around the world to local clients. He has extensive experience in the implementation of plans, similar to the NDP, in a number of global countries.

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Desired outcomes of NDP dialogue

Desired outcomes of NDP dialogue

KPMG is committed to pro-actively supporting the processes of the National Planning Commission (NPC) as we work together with leaders across the Public and Private Sectors to secure a positive future for South Africa. The overarching goals and objectives of the NPC, on behalf of Government, are clear – to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality over the next twenty years. This is not only the right thing to do, but also essential for our sustained growth, stability and ultimately posterity.

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Key thoughts on the implementation process of the NDP

Tshidi Mokgabudi, Advisory Chairman, KPMG South Africa and Member of KPMG South Africa Policy Board, was asked for her thoughts on the implementation process of the NDP. This video follows on from KPMG ready to implement the NDP and is part of a series of videos that see a number of NDP-related questions discussed and answered.

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